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Roverella Real Estate understands that buying,  selling, or renting a property requires assistance from a reliable, qualified professional agent. We are therefore committed to identifying the best offers for our clients, for both personal purchases and investments. Through close cooperation and clear communication, we develop strategies using our best resources to guide our clients toward properties that suit their needs.

Real Estate Services in Le Marche - Roverella Real Estate


Brokerage Services
Roverella Real Estate provides property brokerage services dealing with purchases, sales, and rentals.
Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the property market and our extensive network of qualified professional partners, we specialise in matching supply and demand for highly selected residential, tourist, and commercial properties.
We look after our clients throughout the whole brokerage process, focusing on luxury villas, charming country houses, and historic properties in Italy and the Marche region in particular.
We conclude sensitive and important negotiations discreetly and to the satisfaction of all parties.

Lusi Michetti Malavolta of Roverella Real Estate specialises in the buying and selling of prestigious properties. She offers a collection of carefully selected properties to an international and discerning clientele. Based in the heart of Le Marche, the company operates both in Italy and abroad through its network of select foreign associates.

Can’t find your perfect property?
We can assist you by selecting properties according to your specific criteria.

Real Estate Services in Le Marche - Roverella Real Estate

Architecture Engineering, design and Italian Fine Arts

Architectural Engineering, Design, and Italian Fine Arts
Roverella Real Estate, collaborating with Studio Malavolta, provides personalised services to guarantee the success of every investment.
Each project is managed by a dedicated consultant along with a professional team: this team will not only accompany you every step of the way, it will also guide you with any legal and tax advice you may need.

Agronomist consultants will give you the right B2B support for any business venture, and landscape architects can provide you with plans and designs for green areas and landscapes.

Our experts of engineers and surveyors, architects, and interior designers, after detailed urban and land registry valuations, will deal with structural and architectural projects to the highest of standards in terms of functionality and aesthetics, structural safety, and energy efficiency.

Italian Fine Arts at Roverella Real Estate: would you like to transform your dream home into a work of art?
Every home is unique and if you have just bought the right property for you, you might like to add something of value or even leave your mark.
Whether you are looking for a painting, a sculpture, or another form of art, we can introduce you to some of the most acclaimed artists.

Contact us here for a complete list of artists and antique dealers.

Real Estate Services in Le Marche - Roverella Real Estate
Selling and Lettings

Selling or letting your property is a big decision and choosing the right agent is a decision that should not be underestimated. Choosing Roverella Real Estate means relying on our deep-rooted experience, especially luxury villas, farmhouses, and historic buildings, throughout the whole of Italy and in particular the Marche region, where our company originates.
Using our resources and skills, we develop customised strategies to help sell or let your property.
Allow our experience to work to your advantage, guaranteeing a complete and dynamic service, which satisfies your specific needs.

We provide impartial valuation criteria based on official data from the Italian Real Estate Market Observatory and for specific geographical areas.
We also conduct detailed market analyses for private clients and businesses, indicating price trends and monitoring both purchasing and rental markets.
Our qualified personnel can draw up sworn real estate technical surveys and appraisals for both private and legal purposes.

Sell or let with us
If you wish to sell or let your luxury Italian property on the international market, fill out the form below. One of our experts will come to view your property. We will organise a photo shoot, take a video with a drone (where possible) and we will send you our free and non-binding valuation.

Take the first step now. Send us:
– A brief description of your property
– Some photos of internal and external areas
– Pin location on Google Maps

Please, fill out the form below. Once we receive the information, we will analyse it and a member of our staff will contact you soon.

Real Estate Services in Le Marche - Roverella Real Estate

Property Management

Why is our company different?
We have our personal tight-knit, in-house maintenance team, with 25 years of experience. Through our highly skilled engineering team, covering most trades, we offer the most efficient service in terms of speed, quotations and communications.
Happy clients are the best clients!

Here at Roverella we also provide property management services tailored to your needs because we firmly believe that the one-size-fits-all approach does not exist.
The management of a property is often neglected, but it is vital in terms of maximising its value and its longevity.
Are you the owner of a beautiful property in Italy, but your work keeps you away from it? Or maybe you simply bought it as an international property investment, while living in your country of origin.
Whether your property is in Le Marche or other Italian regions, we can find experts who will manage your property for you. A team will deal with the cleaning, the gardening, the checking-in, and out, of guests, and the checks and upkeep of all your facilities.
If you would like to know more about our property management services, contact us.

Real Estate Services in Le Marche - Roverella Real Estate

Marketing and Communication Consulting

Roverella Real Estate provides marketing, advertising and communication consulting services for the real estate industry.

We promote private properties and company real estate projects for sale or rental with a multidisciplinary approach.

We collaborate with consultants and specialised advertising agencies to create B2C and B2B advertising and marketing campaigns, using state-of-the-art tools. We also manage home staging projects and we offer virtual 3D real estate experiences.

Our team includes professional photographers and videographers to guarantee presentations of the highest quality for the properties in our portfolio.

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